Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

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1 packaged fizzing, pampering, moisturizing BATH BOMB.

epsom salt
baking soda
citric acid
coconut oil
essential oils
dried botanicals

Sweet Peppermint (made with peppermint essential oil and dried rose petals)- to help awaken or help with congestion
Lemon Drop (made with lemon essential oil and dried marigold petals)- to brighten your mood
Soothing Lavender (made with lavender essential oil and dried lavender)- to soothe and relax
Spicy Cinnamon (made with cinnamon bark essential oil and dried safflower)- a warm reminder of comforting fall
Refreshing Grapefruit (made with grapefruit essential oil and dried jasmine)- for a mood boost
Tangerine Dream (made with tangerine essential oil and dried chamomile)- for an uplift in your mood

Drop bomb into bath water.  Kick back, let fizz, and enjoy!!!