Wholesale All-Purpose Salves
Wholesale All-Purpose Salves

Wholesale All-Purpose Salves

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24 4-ounce jars of soothing, moisturizing ALL-PURPOSE SALVE.

coconut oil
olive oil

lavender (made with lavender essential oil and a touch of vanilla)- a lighter, sweeter scent
rosemary/tea tree (made with rosemary and tea tree essential oils)- a heavier, earthier scent

Put salve on cuts and rashes, to help them heal faster.  Use just like lotion, after showering, to moisturize dry skin.  Fix cracked heels by slathering onto feet before putting on socks and going to bed.  Rub on baby's diaper rash.  Ease symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, by rubbing onto flare-ups.  Use on skin, to calm ant and bug bites.